Overseer Shirley Ard Bio

Overseer Shirley ArdIt is indeed a blessing and honor to introduce to you the ministry of Overseer Shirley Ard, one who is called, chosen, and appointed for such a time as this.

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Bishop Sadie M. Smith Bio

Bishop Sadie M. SmithBishop Sadie M. Smith is the Pastor and founder of Shabach International Ministries in Landstuhl, Germany. She also serves as the Overseas Bishop of the Holy Deliverance Church of God, International.

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Bishop James A. Kelly Bio

Bishop James A. KellyBishop James A. Kelly gave his life to Christ in October of 1969. Afterwards, he served faithfully as a deacon at the Mount Carmel Holy Church of God until he left that ministry to aid his wife, Apostle Bennie L. Kelly in establishing Miracle Temple Holy Deliverance Church of God.

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